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Portrait Removed from Stuart Court Room - Response
In response to the removal of JEB Stuart's portrait from the Patrick County Courthouse on August 19, 2015, it is the desire of the JEB Stuart Preservation Trust that this portrait be displayed at a prominent place where more people can appreciate this outstanding man and his achievements." 

There are many references to our favorite son, Maj. Gen. J. E. B. Stuart, in Patrick County and other parts of Virginia. The Town of Stuart is named after him and so is JEB Stuart highway running the width of Virginia.

We are proud to stand up for him and honor his history. By purchasing and maintaining the Stuart farm it is our intent to preserve the history of Jeb and his family in perpetuity.

Jeb Stuart was born on the Laurel Hill Farm, in, VA on February 6, 1833 and died from a battle wound near Richmond, VA on May 12, 1864.

As citizens of Patrick County, Virginia, many of us have become students and fans of Gen. Stuart. He is certainly our hero, because of the leadership and charisma he demonstrated in the Civil War period of American history.

He gives us an example of great Patrick County values, such as patriotism, leadership, love for his family and pride in his homeland. He was truly a Virginian.

As a teenager he left Patrick County and went off to school. He graduated from West Point and became a US Army officer. He was a military person practically all of his adult life. To my knowledge he never owned a farm and never owned land in Virginia.

He joined the Army of Northern Virginia at the beginning of the Civil War and served until his death.

We are proud of General Stuart, and delight in talking about him and the historical perspective he brings to us from the 1860's.

Thomas Bishop
Media Representative, JEB Stuart Birthplace Trust.
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